June, 21

Equipment is being taken out from three mines of Makiivvuhillia in CDDO

10/25/2018 03:18:54 pm
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Mining equipment is being taken out from a number of coal-mining enterprises of Makiivvuhillia in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. This was stated by director of the Avtobaza separate subdivision of Makiivvuhillia state-owned enterprise Vladimir Marakhovskiy, - the website of the company reports.

"But there are not enough transport and drivers for the continuity of service of the units of Makiivvuhillia. At present, the mining equipment is being taken out from the Pivnichna and Chaykino mines, mine named after V.M. Bazhanov, Makiivsky repair and engineering works. Long vehicles and crane trucks are in great demand. Their work is scheduled almost minute by minute. Therefore, it is impossible to say that there is some extra transport in the truck fleet", - Marakhovskiy said.

At the same time, he noted that "the work on coal mining is being resumed" at the Yasynivska-Hlyboka and Kalynivska-Shidna mines.

It was earlier reported on the merging of Yasynivska-Hlyboka and Pivnichna mines into one unit with a partial reduction of personnel, transfer of workers to other mines and dismantling of equipment in the mine workings.