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The head of the IMF suspected that corruption in Ukraine hadn’t been fought after the resignation of Abromavicius

02/05/2016 04:42:24 pm
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IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde expressed concern about the statement by the Minister of Economy Aivaras Abromavicius of his decision to resign. She stated this during an online conference in Washington, DC – reports Ukrinform.

"Being the Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Mr. Abromavicius imlemented a few really effective and fundamental reforms in order to to attract direct investment to Ukraine, improve the environment as much as possible and I would like to pay tribute to his efforts," - said Lagarde.

According to the head of the IMF, "his last announcement on the resignation of a concern." "If the accuses, that he made during his announcement are true, then it is obviously a sign that anti-corruption measures, which the government firmly support, still do not work, and that you need to achieve more progress in this area,"- she said.

Lagarde stressed that completion of this task must be accelerated "because the authorities are responsible not only to the Ukrainian people, but also to the international community."

As previously reported, the Minister of Economy Aivaras Abromavicius announced his resignaion. Abromavicius said that the reason was "sharp intensification of blocking any system and important reforms." In particular, he said that one of the reasons was attempts of President’s associate Igor Kononenko "to establish control over public money".