November, 29

Russian Investigative Committee without trial accused Ukraine of the death of children due to "DNR" mines

10/01/2018 06:20:06 pm
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The Investigative Committee of Russia indiscriminately accused Ukraine of the death of teenagers who blew up on the mine of the militants of the "DNR" near the occupied Horlivka. This is reported by the official website of the IC of the RF.

The report says that criminal cases are initiated upon the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare.

Without any investigation and without the right to conduct investigative actions on the territory of Ukraine the IC unprovenly stated that "mine-explosive engineering obstacles in the territory of civil infrastructure" were allegedly put by representatives of the "power structures of Ukraine".

At the same time, even the ardent supporters of the terrorist "republics" admit that the tragedy occurred on a minefield established by the militias of the "DNR". According to Nikolai Vulich, the Luhansk separatist, who positions himself as an expert on the operational situation, the teenagers went through the positions of the militants.

"If you look at the map and estimate the combat situation, it is the servicemen of the "DNR" who were able to establish this protective mine trap against the Ukrainians, thus protecting themselves from uninvited guests", - he writes.

At the same time, the supporter of the invaders noted that the militants immediately tried to declare, that "this mine is not theirs and they are not accountable for it, without conducting any preliminary analysis". "That's why, many people who understand such issues, somehow hardly believe in the version that it is Ukraine’s fault", - he said.

The fact of installing a mine that killed three children is indirectly confirmed by the separatist media. Trying to justify the criminal negligence of the "DNR", local journalists write: "As sources in law enforcement agencies reported, there were no "republican" positions in the area of ​​the incident, so there was no opportunity to prevent teens from entering the danger zone. There are information prohibitory signs in the area".

As previously reported, on September 30, three children were killed, another one was wounded as a result of detonation of an antipersonnel fragmentation mine near Horlivka.