June, 21

Surkov's people explained: Zakharchenko was a saint and very busy, it was his ministers who stole

09/10/2018 01:34:08 pm
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Some ministers of the "DNR", having wriggled into favour of Alexander Zakharchenko, who was very busy with military buildup, cynically plundered the property of the "republic". The unexpectedly begun exposures among the closest associates of the liquidated leader were explained that way by Russian political scientist Alexey Chesnakov in an interview with TASS.

"It is no secret that Alexander Zakharchenko devoted a lot of time to purely military matters of necessity. He left questions of economics to various kinds of trusted persons who, as often happens, abused his confidence." Simply said, they stole. Here it is necessary to put things right. The money should go to the needs of ordinary people, and not into the pockets of ministers", - the political scientist working in the team of curator of the war in Donbass Vladislav Surkov stated.

According to him, the officials disguised as friends of the "DNR" leader are now trying to repeat this trick with his widow Natalia. "As for Natalia Zakharchenko, it is worth mentioning this separately as an example of egregious cynicism from some of the deceased's former entourage… Having wriggled into his favour, they were engaged in thefts during his life, grabbing other people's property. Now they have fled every which way, being afraid of punishment. And using critical emotion condition of the widow of Alexander Zakharchenko, they are trying to involve her in political squabbles in order to cover their own discreditable practices by her name. This is disgusting and unpromising", - in the style of "the king is good, the boyars are bad", - Chesnakov summarized.

As previously reported, it was Alexey Chesnakov's comment about the "incompetence" of stand-in leader Dmitry Trapeznikov that formed the basis of the "palace coup" in the "DNR".