July, 20

Wednesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights

07/05/2018 12:50:24 pm
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On July 4, Russian occupation forces opened fire on the Ukrainian positions from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. Due to the targeted fire, two Ukrainian servicemen were injured, the press center of the JFO HQ said.

Propagandists of the "DNR" spread fake information according to which, as a result of the AFU shelling, allegedly a "civilian" was killed. In fact, it was a militant of the occupation forces. This is evidenced by the publications of militants in social networks.

A man, who shot his friend in a cafe in occupied Makiivka, was killed by local “police” on July 1. This is reported by the fake "MIA of the DNR", operating in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast.

In the occupied Donetsk, the facade of the five-star Donbass Palace Hotel is being renovated. This was reported by local residents. "There is no Akhmetov here, but the hotel is being repaired. It would be better if they restored a school or kindergarten... ", - stated one of the residents.

The occupation authorities of the CDDO declare the start of sightseeing tours around the Donbass Arena stadium, owned by FC Shakhtar. This is reported by the separatist media. Earlier, the so-called "Ministry of Sports of the DNR" had announced that they would create a "new" Shakhtar team, which would be "no worse than before".

The building of the Donetsk Muslim cultural centre has been sealed, - the OSCE SMM report says. "In Donetsk city, the SMM followed up on media reports of a raid by the armed formations on a Muslim cultural centre at 2 Berestovska Street in Kalininskyi district. The SMM found seals reading “sealed on 21 June by the investigation department of the ‘Ministry of State Security’” in Russian affixed to the centre’s doors", - the report says.

Tests of explosives will be conducted in occupied Makiivka from July 9 to July 13. This is reported by the occupation "administration" of the city. Local residents have repeatedly noted in social networks that since the occupation, the number of "tests of mine explosives" has increased due to the fact that most of the mines in the territory under the control of the militants stopped working.

The top rock of the makeshift coalmine collapsed in occupied Shakhtarsk on July 3. As a result, a miner, born in 1969, died. This is reported by the fake "MES of the DNR", acting on the territory temporarily controlled by the militants. Earlier it was reported that the occupation authorities obliged the owners of the makeshift coalmines to register enterprises in the CDDO and pay "taxes".