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Pension debt to "new" IDPs for years of life in CDDLO "to be frozen" for an uncertain term

06/12/2018 05:00:20 pm
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The displaced persons, who have just moved to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and have not received their pensions for 4 years, are beginning to receive payments from the current period, and the money that has not been received in previous years "is being frozen" until the central authorities take a certain order. Such explanations were given by director of the Main Directorate of the Pension Fund in the Donetsk oblast Natalia Rad at a press conference in Kramatorsk.

"This question has not been finally resolved. I explain why. We have made changes to the Cabinet of Minister's Resolution 365, and this is almost main our document, a bylaw that regulates the payments to IDPs. Now if a person has moved from the temporarily occupied territory and applies for pension accounting and paying, the pension is restored from the current month, and the rest is divided according to the schedule. The decree says "in accordance with a certain procedure". We account the amount, but in accordance with a certain order. This order has not yet been determined, we expect it in the near future", - she said.

Natalia Rad noted that prior to the adoption of changes, all payments were made regardless of any schedules.

Now "the debt is not paid until the order is established".