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Militant Khodakovsky described how "regionals" Levchenko and Bobkov tried to take control of "Russian Spring"

01/29/2016 09:22:52 pm
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One of the leaders of the militants of the "DPR" Alexander Khodakovsky told how deputies of the Party of Regions had tried to take control of "Russian Spring" in Donbass. He wrote about this in his blog on the Nasha Rodina separatist website.

According to him, two representatives of the Party of Regions, in particular the former secretary of the Donetsk City Council, deputy of Ukraine of the VII convocation Nikolai Levchenko and the deputy of the VII convocation Alexander Bobkov, tried to suppress the anti-Ukrainian actions (use pro-Russian sppeches to blackmail the authorities in Kiev to obtain control over Donbass – OstroV) within the so-called "Russian Spring" in Donbass.

"I have already mentioned, how many attempts there were to bring protests to the end. Kolya Levchenko – Kolya "communist" was the first to start. In the pre-war time this guy was sitting in the executive committee of Donetsk on "ground" on where he made a fortune. He thought that she should have acted simply with me: interest - and that's that. The conversation was as follows: you are here - "oo-oo-oo ", they are there - "ah-ah-ah-ahhh" and we are right here. We did everything: we give you - "Hush-h-h". Until the next round, "- said the militant.

According to Khodakovsky, Levchenko insisted that we had to use the fact that at that time the Acting President of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov was frightened by the events in Donbass and the Ukrainian government could be forced to follow the will of "regionals".

"Turchinov was frightened of events in Donbass and former among regionals in the Rada only he, Shufrich, Tigipko and someone else were active." So, we can frighten them a bit and het what we want", - quotes the leader of the militants the words of Levchenko.

Another who wanted to use the pro-Russian rebellion in s Donbas in his interests was Bobkov. "He went even further: it is necessary to turn in Strelkov and Bes, then there will be only locals and everything will be very good," - he has told about "regional’s" plans.

He also added that "the regionals" promised him the post of head of the regional SSU for cooperation.

"When I mentioned how you should talk to such people as Bobkov, "Bobok" as people say, he addressed me personally, perhaps, because his "diplomat" just did not find the right words in view of the complexity of the issue, he invited me for the personal meeting, arguing that he needed to go to Moscow, where he would like to promote a consolidated position .. To my regret - I am a fastidious person. So, Bobok left without positions", - wrote Khodakovsky.