May, 23

Residents of front-line Travneve left without pensions because of IDPs status and checks - people's deputy

05/31/2018 05:03:58 pm
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The residents of the front-line village of Travneve in the Bakhmut district have problems with obtaining pensions. This was reported at a press conference in Kramatorsk today by people's deputy of Ukraine Natalia Veselova.

According to her, the residents of Travneve were forced to get the IDPs certificates so that they could receive a Ukrainian pension, "although this is nonsense - the controlled territory". Now a number of residents of Travneve do not receive a pension for several months: the payments were suspended because of a check. "In order for them to receive pensions, they need to go somewhere to go through identification in Oschadbank as the displaced persons", - Veselova said.

The people's deputy stressed that there was no transport connection with Travneve, the roadside was mined, there was only a road filled with slag.

The settlement of Travneve in the area of occupied Horlivka was returned under the control of Ukraine in late November 2017.

The people's deputy also recalled that in early May, the IDPs who live on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities faced with the problem of pension payment: many people just did not receive the money. "Now people faced with the fact that they either withhold pension, or do not pay it, or they simply decided not to pay arrears for several months in May", - she said.

It was reported that the Pension Fund told the people that these interruptions were connected with certain checks. According to Deputy Minister of Social Policy Mykola Shambir, the internally displaced persons who returned to the occupied territory are being checked.

Vice Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko explained the pension arrears to the IDPs "by the change and unification of the pension payment schedule by the Pension Fund of Ukraine". "All pensions to the IDPs will be paid in full". I want to convince you of this", - he stated.