June, 25

Rada approves prosecution, detention and arrest of Bakulin

03/15/2018 02:23:14 pm
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The Verkhovna Rada has approved the prosecution, detention and arrest of Yevhen Bakulin, the MP from Opposition Bloc, - Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

The MPs casted an affirmative vote after the speech of the Prosecutor General during the meeting on March 15.

274 MPs supported the decision to bear Bakulin to the responsibility, 252 MPs supported the arrest and 240 agreed for the detention of Bakulin.

On March 12, the Verkhovna Rada Committee for Regulations gave permission to prosecute, detain and arrest Bakulin on suspicion of participating in the "criminal organization of Viktor Yanukovych", seizing other people's property and attempting to seize other people's property, financial fraud and drafting fraudulent documents.

In particular, Bakulin is suspected in the embezzlement of Naftogaz of Ukraine funds in the amount of $17.3 million, attempt to seize the funds of this PAO in the amount of $196 million, as well as in the possession of property and funds of Chornomornaftogaz in the amount of $404 million 374 thousand in the purchase of oil production towers.

Consideration in the committee took place without Bakulin, who reported about a poor health by letter.

Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko suggested Bakulin to cooperate with the investigation.