March, 3

"DNR" explained that the militant threatened the OSCE with a gun for Mission’s security

03/07/2018 02:46:45 pm
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The militants, who call themselves a really non-existent "representation of the DNR" in the JCCC, "acknowledged that a member of their illegal armed groups indeed threatened the SMM OSCE, refusing to let the Mission's car to monitor the territory.

"The serviceman of the DNR did indeed point the gun at the SMM vehicle, which was to the west of the checkpoint, and ordered it to stop", - the fake "representation" stated.

At the same time, terrorists try to justify such actions by the fact that "it was caused by the inability to provide adequate conditions for the safe stay of the OSCE SMM observers in the area of ​​the settlement". Allegedly, the patrol tried to get to the military training ground, where combat training was held and that could threaten the safety of the members of the SMM patrol.

The militants insist that "nevertheless, the serviceman is brought to strict disciplinary punishment for violation of security requirements when handling weapons (pointing weapons at people)". Additional personnel were instructed on the safety requirements and were once more "ordered" "not to prevent the work of the mission”.

As previously reported, the militants regularly limit the activities of the OSCE SMM by preventing them from monitoring of certain territories.