May, 26

"Reservists", driven to "LNR" for military training, were not allowed to go home: they sit on the front line – blogger

03/06/2018 12:14:33 pm
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In the "LNR", men of nondefense occupation who were forced to take part in military training have still not been allowed to go home. This is reported by Luhansk separatist Nikolai Vulich in his blog.

According to him, the "reservists" continue to serve on the front line. Their workspaces, which were promised to be kept for the time of training, have already been shed.

"The situation in the army is getting worse too, because all the reservists who were promised that they would go on to work on their workspaces after the training sit in trenches on the front line. They are waiting for the AFU attack. And why should they be returned to work? Their workspaces have already been shed. We save the budget funds", - the supporter of the "republic" speaks ironically.