June, 25

Militant Khodakovsky urged Russia to recognize "DNR/LNR" and deploy military bases in Donbass

02/23/2018 03:11:32 pm
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The creator of the Vostok terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovsky called on Russia to recognize the "DNR/LNR" and deploy military bases in the Donbass. He wrote about this in social networks.

The militant writes that he doesn’t like diplomatic statements of Russian leaders on the integrity of Ukraine and on adherence to international norms. Khodakovsky believes that after the occupation of the Crimea, all the talk about a referendum in the Crimea is hypocrisy.

"Everyone has stopped being hypocritical and talking about a referendum in the Crimea as the starting point of the Crimean events. The referendum in the Crimea is a "political formulation" of the normal and the only possible step that Russia has committed under the pressure of circumstances", - the militant writes.

He expects that Russia will behave in a similar way in relation to the occupied Donbass. The militant hopes Moscow will recognize the "republics" and will legally introduce its troops there.

"At this point, we are waiting from Russia the recognition of the republics and the deployment of military bases here, rather than shallow talk about peacekeepers. This is something that will stop the war!", - the terrorist declares.

Alexander Khodakovsky is a former employee of the SBU, he betrayed the oath and from the first days of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine became one of the leaders of the Donbass terrorists. He created and led the Vostok battalion. Currently, he is moved away from all official posts in the "DNR". Now he is in the confrontation with the so-called "head of the republic" Alexander Zakharchenko. He stands for an idea of Donbass accession to Russia, but his approach to this matter does not find understanding in the Russian Federation. In the fall of 2017, he announced his desire to participate in the “next elections for the post of head of the republic".