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Russia changes course of "Minsk agreements' lack of alternatives" for "Novorossia" revival – Girkin frightens with a great war

02/22/2018 02:58:08 pm
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Terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov) states that Russia is preparing to abandon the implementation of the Minsk agreements and revive the project of rejection of the so-called "Novorossia" from Ukraine. He wrote about this in his Live Journal.

The militant, who unleashed a war in the Donbass in 2014, hopes that the conflict will heat up.

"A number of sources have simultaneously provided information that Russian media and political technologists were given a command for a gradual (but fast - time is getting on) change of rhetoric from "the Minsk agreements' lack of alternatives" to regrets about the "lost chance-2014. It was ordered to take the term "Novorossia" and start moving it back to the masses of consumers again", - Girkin writes.

According to the terrorist, the Kremlin either scares Kyiv with the revival of "Novorossia" project, or prepares for a new war in order to avoid complete surrender in the Donbass issue.

Girkin offers to use a new chance "with all understanding" of the dirty underside of the "Kremlin motives" and not to allow the situation when "Novorossia" acts only as a "bogeyman story" for Ukraine.

"The war is inevitable and we cannot hide from it. Therefore, now we need to take urgent measures so that the new stage of the struggle for Novorossiia will not again be in the dirty hands of Surkov's rogues - borodais-zakharchenkos-antyufeyevs ("their name is legion")", - he states.

The militant promises to take some measures for the real revival of "Novorossiya" project, but he does not yet provide details. The only thing that he voices is the plans "for the sake of preserving the country and the people… to go to any tactical alliances with those who were also "blackballed" by their "dear Western partners".