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MTS mobile network is not working in the occupied Luhansk again – social networks

02/22/2018 01:50:37 pm
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Users of social networks inform about the interruptions in the work of mobile operator MTS (Vodafonе) which are observed today in occupied Luhansk.

Later, information appeared in social networks that the mobile connection does not work allegedly because of the military exercises. "There is a version that the connection is muffled due to the military exercises of the LNR People’s Militia. If it is true, the connection will be restored today", - users write, noting that they sometimes hear some explosions and distant shelling.

The Vodafone hotline explains that a line damage has occurred in the occupied Luhansk region. "On February 22, there was a break in the fiber-optic line that provides communication in the territory of the Luhansk oblast, which is not controlled by Ukraine", - the message says.

People also say that the separatist operator "Lugakom" began to work with interruptions as well.

As previously reported, on January 11, the MTS mobile connection stopped working in the occupied territories of Donbass. After Vodafone carried out repair works, the signal was back in the "LNR", but it still doesn’t operate in the "DNR".