July, 13

Miners in "LNR" turned against call-up for "military training" – Luhansk separatist

02/01/2018 05:19:05 pm
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Miners in the "LNR" have refused to appear at assembly places for the so-called "military training", - blatant supporter of the "Russian World" and resident of Luhansk Nikolay Vulich wrote in his blog.

"My friends from Krasnyi Partyzan reported that miners there could not stand the lawlessness of the authorities and there was a real revolt at the local mine on January 30. When the military commissars came to take everyone to the military training, the miners rebelled and rudely denied, having confronted the actions of the authorities. Unfortunately, no one wants to go to war", - he wrote.

According to the blogger, who is in opposition to the current authorities of the occupied Luhansk oblast, "having calmed the citizens with the unreliability of information on mobilization, the authorities decided to take a different approach. All mobilization was wrapped up in a beautiful paper with the inscription "trainings of nonregulars".

The separatist admits that the "LNR" illegal armed formations are taking quite serious losses.

"Only yesterday, 7 of our guys were killed by Ukes…They should be replaced, so we need to train men to replace our fallen heroes. The authorities are afraid to say directly about the mobilization, as this will lead to violent riots", - Vulich writes.

"The third stage (of nonregulars' training – OstroV) is planned on February 17. According to the plan of training, until February 15, all men aged 18 to 50, who is able to participate in this training for medical reasons, must register at our military registration and enlistment offices… Indignations with such a policy of the authorities begin among the population of the Republic", - he assures.

The "LNR" and the "DNR" are now as tinderboxes. If the authorities do not find a solution to the mobilization – the Ukes will take us without a single shot", - the separatist sums up.