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Gontareva asks everyone to calm down: there is no reason for panic on the currency market of the country

01/22/2016 09:49:03 pm
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The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeriya Gontareva stated that there were no reasons for panic on the currency market. She said this to journalists on Friday in Davos, - informs Interfax-Ukraine.

"There is no reason for panic," - said Gontareva.

She also noted that the National Bank could only answer for the legal market - the market of banking institutions, which have a license of the NBU.

"Market" of cash" is always slightly higher than the interbank one. The interbank market is the main exchange rate formation mechanism of the country and it is independent because it can no longer be kept," - she said.

However, according to the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, there are still additional factors that can affect the rate on the market "of cash".

"First of all, it is panic among the population and panic demand. Secondly, the proposal of excess liquidity, which can be due to social payments, and thirdly, it was the season of many card payments on holidays, this is a seasonal factor," - explained V.Gontareva.

She added that many significant social benefits were paid off at the end of the year, namely about 30 billion UAH, which also affected the situation in this sphere.

"The main problem is excessive demand and panic. Therefore, I ask all to calm down, ask everyone to understand why we are now working in Davos," - said the head of the NBU.