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Spare no expense: "LNR" confirmed that men are called for "military training"

01/25/2018 03:01:16 pm
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The "LNR" has confirmed the information that militants are actively forming a reserve force of illegal armed formations and calling "nonregulars" for large-scale military training. This was stated by self-appointed "chief enlistment officer of the LNR" Igor Marshuba, - separatist media write.

"Currently, in order to prepare reserved citizens for military skills, planned training sessions with reserved citizens, intended for the reserve component of the People's Militia (illegal armed formations – OstroV) are held in stages in the units of the People's Militia in January-February 2018", - he noted.

The fact that preparation of nonregulars for the "republic" service is a serious matter is evidenced by the fact that those who are called to the "exercises" will receive "cash allowances as for servicemen in the units of the people's militia" in addition to their wages on the job for the "entire period of training".

Marshuba drew the attention of the reserved "to the timely arrival in the departments of the military enlistment office within the time specified, the passing of the medical commission and the departure for training sessions".

As OstroV previously reported, the "authorities" of the occupied Donbass began to actively carry out mobilization measures for personnel replacement of illegal armed formations. In particular, the "decree" of the republican leader Alexander Zakharchenko is about the creation of call-up commissions, and the residents of the occupied territory massively receive draft notices with "invitation" to come to the military enlistment office. Also, the state-financed organizations and all enterprises of occupied part of the Luhansk oblast have been notified that it is necessary for their male personnel to visit military enlistment offices. According to employees of state-financed organizations, men are told that it is necessary to simply "check in", allegedly to check the number of people liable for military service. Others note that the private order refers to "checking the number of the male population for possible mobilization for the "armed forces".