June, 18

"DNR" "rammed" the exchanged prisoners into buses and locked them in a hotel till the “MSS” check - journalist

12/28/2017 01:00:48 pm
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In the "DNR", prisoners, transferred by the Ukrainian side, weren’t let to communicate with their relatives and were isolated at the hotel for filtration events, - the Odessa journalist Yuriy Tkachov writes on Facebook.

"It is easy to understand the difference between Ukraine and the DNR on the example of this exchange. Ukraine: captives are met with flowers, Poroshenko personally accompanies them to Kyiv by helicopter. In the coming month, they will be interviewed, complimented, maybe even awarded... The DNR: prisoners are rammed into the bus and are taken to Donetsk even without communicating with their families. They are locked up at the hotel (although in good conditions) and are kept under guard while the "Ministry for State Security" inspection continues. The check usually lasts for weeks. No flowers, TV cameras and orchestras", - the journalist commented.

"I would not be surprised if everyone who lives in the hotel will be moved to the basement without any trial and investigation, just in case. By the way, it is still unknown what happened to the Donetsk restaurateur who disappeared in the cellars of the MSS", - users of social network support him.

However, there are also those who consider this attitude to the liberated "their own people" quite justified. "Your suggestions, what we should do with them? Maybe, the water park holiday?", "And give them each an ice cream. Two ice creams", - some commentators replied sarcastically.