June, 18

Quite "miscellaneous" new leader of the "republican parliament" was appointed in the "LNR"

12/21/2017 04:22:31 pm
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"Deputies" of the "People's Council" of the "LNR" elected chairman of the "parliament" of the "republic" Denis Miroshnichenko today, separatist media write.

32 out of 33 "deputies" present at the meeting voted for the election of Miroshnichenko, he himself abstained from voting.

Earlier today, the "deputies" released Vladimir Degtyarenko from the above-noted "position" at his own request.

Denis Miroshnichenko was born in Luhansk on December 8, 1987. He graduated from Luhansk Academy of Culture and Arts named after Matusovsky. He was engaged in youth policy and development of sports at various "positions".

Head of "Young Regions" Luhansk city organization, leader of Bulat association, director of Lugari Luhansk regional center of development of children's movement. Known among the residents of Luhansk as organizer of "anti-fascist rallies", "anti-Maidans" and "actions in defence of the Russian language".