May, 26

"DNR" rejoice that mopping up in occupied Mospyne was organized by "ours" - social networks

12/11/2017 10:19:22 am
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The city of Mospyne, which is part of the Donetsk agglomeration, was subjected to mopping up on the part of occupation authorities of the so-called "DNR". This is written by local residents in social networks.

"Good morning! What happened in Mospyne they do not let cars in or out of Mospyne. Patrols are checking passport data. Reportedly, Mospyne is closed for a period of 24 hours", - the Donetsk people are puzzled.

"It is true! Mospyne is closed entirely! Nothing works! A lot of military"!", - they start a kind of roll call.

"They go door to door, it seems, like a census of population", "It is a census more than likely. Novoazovsk, Telmanove and Siedovolose are also closed…", "Quite strange census", - local residents discuss the current situation.

"The only thing that matters - this is not Ukes", "This is ours, dnr! It is a practice! They check everything!", - the most "patriotically" minded residents of Mospyne justify the conduct of mopping up.