June, 18

"DNR" militants confessed that they were shelling under Ukrainian flags

12/08/2017 04:22:06 pm
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"Russian war correspondent" Yuriy Kotenok posted a video in which "commander of the reactive artillery battalion 3 separate motor rifle brigade of the DNR armed forces" Olga Kachura (call sign "Korsa") talks about the technology of raids in the alleged rear of the Ukrainian Armed Forces under the Ukrainian flags in 2014.

"The ridiculous story of July 2014, when Igor Bezler was still in command of the Horlivka militia. He showed me the objects for destruction, and I did not have enough range – I could shoot for 20 km, and the needed range was almost 40 km. It was good that we were dressed almost like the Ukrainian army at that time. Then my lieutenant came in and demonstratively began to wipe his feet on the Ukrainian flag, which drew my attention. I thought – what if to sneak in under their flags? We bought the white paint. Painted stripes on the car, and continued moving under the Ukrainian flags.

We passed through the enemy territory. At 17 km from the furthest goal, I fired a shot, destroyed three targets. And then run away very quickly. They were not fools, began to chase us... All the targets were completely destroyed, the explosion was good", - “Korsa” said.

The openness of the militant caused an ambiguous reaction among the audience:

"The same machines fired Donetsk from the direction of Horlivka with the Ukrainian identification, are you nuts? The terrorists themselves are showing the cars from which they shelled civilians, I would not be surprised if the same brigade shelled Donetsk from Makiivka".

"Without losses? Where did you go, if you, bastards, shelled Donetsk from Yakovlivka, but said that it was Ukrainian army shelling from Yasynovata?"

For reference. The distance (along the line) from Horlivka to Donetsk is 40 kilometers, that is exactly as much as was indicated in Bezler’s order. Thus, we can assume that, unwittingly, “Korsa” dethroned the fake that Donetsk was shelled by Ukrainian artillery.