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Lavrov insists on direct negotiations with leaders of the "republics" to determine the format of peacekeeping mission

11/15/2017 02:20:20 pm
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Head of Russian MFA Sergey Lavrov insists on the need for direct negotiations with CDDLO representatives to determine the format of peacekeeping mission in the Donbass. He said this at a press conference in Moscow, - zn.ua reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, such terms are in the Russian draft resolution on peacekeepers in the East of Ukraine.

"Our draft resolution outlines the absolutely necessary criteria for peacekeeping operations, criteria that are determined in the United Nations. One of them, which is a textbook, is the consent of conflicting parties to the ethnic composition of contingents that are included in the peacekeeping operation, which means the consent of Kyiv, of course, but necessarily, and not to a lesser extent, of Donetsk and Luhansk", - Lavrov stated.

He also added that the Russian party was ready for this draft resolution to be discussed as quickly as possible, but with full understanding that its final wording should be acceptable to the "DNR" and the "LNR".

"And, probably, in this connection, it will be necessary to conduct direct negotiations with them", - head of Russian MFA noted.

As reported, Russia and the terrorist "republics" of Donbass oppose the control of peacekeepers over the Ukrainian-Russian section of the state border, currently controlled by militants. Russia comfortably supplies weapons, ammunition and manpower to the "DNR/LNR" through it, and also exports products, stolen from Ukrainian enterprises.