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Occupied part of the Luhansk region was cut off from water supply because of debts

11/07/2017 02:57:17 pm
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Luhansk Energy Association has de-energized the Petrovskaya pumping station, which provides water to the residents of occupied part of the Luhansk region. This was stated by the Director General of the enterprise Vladimir Gritsay, - Deutsche Welle reports.

The reason for cut off is the water canal's debt to LEA in the amount of about $5.85 million, which continues to increase. At the same time, the debt was formed at the expense of the "LNR" debts, since 90% of the water, produced by the water canal, is delivered to the uncontrolled territory. According to Gritsay, de-energization of the Petrovskaya pumping station took place in the morning of Monday. According to him, Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, enterprises of DTEK group, as well as a number of state-owned enterprises, operating in the Luhansk oblast, also have big debts to LEA for the electricity consumed.

In turn, the debt of LEA itself to Energorynok state-owned enterprise for non-payment for the services, received by its clients, is more than $186 million. Gritsay noted that appeals to the president and the prime minister of Ukraine, or to the leaders of the relevant ministries and departments do not help the enterprises to solve the problem of deep economic crisis.

OOO Luhansk Energy Association is a member of Energy Standard holding, which belongs to businessman Konstantin Grigorishyn.

As previously reported, on November 6, Luhansk Energy Association disconnected the Petrovskaya pumping station of the Popasnyansky Vodokanal, which provides water to the residents of Luhansk and a number of settlements on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine in the Luhansk region.