March, 3

Russian special services planned to assassinate 1,600 Ukrainian law enforcers and officials

11/01/2017 05:03:10 pm
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Agents of Russian special services designed and conducted terrorist acts, aiming to kill 1,600 Ukrainian law enforcers and high-ranked officials. Anatoliy Matios, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor said this during the briefing in Kyiv on November 1, OstroV’s correspondent reports.

“Over 1600 Ukrainian statesmen, as well as police and the security service workers were the targets of Russian special services – and saboteurs of the “LDNR”. I can confirm this. The leaders of the state were also targeted", - Matios said

“Thanks to the equipment and facilities sent from Russia to Donbas, they were able to track down whereabouts and movement of all these people", - he said.