July, 13

The leaders of the "DPR" ask to be informed about other ATM, which they have not "muscled in on" yet

01/18/2016 07:39:29 pm
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The so-called "Republic Bank of the DPR" asks owners of retail shops to report about ATMs of the Ukrainian banks that have not been stolen yet by occupying authorities of "the republic". This is stated in the "Bank" message.

The found "abandoned" ATMs are planned to be modified to accept "republic" payment cards as "currently one of the main problems ... is the availability of transactions of using payment cards for all citizens of the People's Republic of Donetsk" – say pathetically officials of the non-existent "DPR".

"Bank" is planning to resume the work of the greatest possible number of ATMs, previously established by commercial banks in Ukraine.

"In this regard, we ask all business entities on the territory or trading areas, in which ATMs are installed by Ukrainian banks, to provide information about their location," - said the "Central bank"

As previously reported, the occupation of Donetsk region by pro-Russian militants is accompanied by massive looting of banking institutions.