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"The best decision". IMF insists on creating an anti-corruption court in Ukraine

09/29/2017 04:40:18 pm
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Anticorruption reform is one of the key conditions for the continuation of Ukraine's cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, the IMF representative Jost Ljungman said in an interview with LIGA.net.

"Corruption is a very important problem that needs to be addressed, and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau was established in 2015. Now it is necessary to continue the reform so that anti-corruption cases are immediately and legally treated impeccably in courts. An anticorruption court is the best solution", - Jost Ljungman said.

Also, the head of the IMF office in Ukraine called the requirements for appointing future anti-corruption judges.

"The procedures for selecting and appointing anti-corruption judges should be very strict, judges should be honest, independent and have special knowledge on a range of issues related to anti-corruption cases", - he said.