May, 26

The "DNR" calls parents to be vigilant and not to allow children learning Ukrainian language

09/07/2017 01:50:32 pm
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Authorities of the so-called "DNR" are concerned about the appearance of distance courses on the study of Ukrainian language and literature, which are designed for schoolchildren in the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast. This is stated in the report of the so-called "Ministry of Education".

The report notes that Mariupol teachers are engaged in the development of online distance courses on the study of Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine and geography of Ukraine.

As it was previously reported, many graduates from the occupied territory of Donbass want to receive higher education in the part of Ukraine under the control of lawful authorities. In order to do that, they need to pass a series of exams according to the lighter procedure. The program of distance courses is aimed at preparing such applicants for admission to Ukrainian universities.

Without wishing to allow the outflow of a number of graduates to the controlled territory, the "DNR" authorities are trying to discredit the idea of distance learning according to Ukrainian programs.

"The Ministry of Education and Science of the DNR appeals to all pupils, parents and teachers of the Republic to correctly assess such "initiatives", since this step is an attempt to impose nationalist ideology under the guise of studying Ukrainian language and literature", - the report of the DNR Ministry of Education and Science says.

"Dear residents of the Donbass! Be vigilant and do not let indoctrination to replace the provision of knowledge to your children", - the fake department calls.