June, 25

SMM OSCE sees militants with modern weapons and Russian insignia, but does not draw conclusions - Hug

08/28/2017 03:26:55 pm
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Observers of the OSCE SMM record samples of modern equipment used by militants in the Donbass, but do not consider it possible to draw conclusions on the origin of these weapons. This position was voiced by the first deputy of the SMM Alexander Hug in an interview with Delovaya Stolitsa.

Responding to a direct question, does the OSCE have an understanding of the source of militants’ weapons and ammunition that allow fighting for more than three years and whether there is evidence that Russia provides these weapons and ammunition, Hug said that "SMM does not collect intelligence data".

"Yes, we saw specific modern types of weapons and highly specialized equipment that allows electronic warfare (EW), including areas beyond the control of the government. We have detailed this in our reports, including images of the equipment. The same concerns people in camouflage clothes with Russian insignia", - he noted.

"It is not the Mission’s aim to draw conclusions about its (military equipment - OstroV) origin, but one should understand that until we see this equipment crossing the border, it will be nothing more than speculation. Readers of our reports, including representatives of the media, of course, can draw their own conclusions", - Alexander Hug stressed once again.