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Who will retire at 60 and who - 5 years later - Reva told about the pensionable service

05/25/2017 12:39:03 pm
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Dependence of the time of retirement on the amount of pensionable service is one of the key positions of the pension reform project. This was stated by the Minister of Social Policy Andriy Reva, - the press service of the department reports.

A pension at 60 years is appointed today if there is a pensionable service of 15 years.

The ministry recalls that the age of retirement is 60 years for men now, the same retirement age for women (60 years) will be established in 2021. Under the terms of the pension reform, pensions will be appointed with 25 years of pensionable service from the age of 60. This norm is going to start working from January 1, 2018. Further, within ten years, one year will be added annually, then the maximum pensionable service will amount to 35 years.

"A minimum of 15 years is enough for a person to be able to participate in the pension insurance scheme. The full qualifying period is 30 years for women and 35 for men today. But those who pay subscription to the Pension Fund for 15 years and those who pay for 35 years cannot be in the same boat. This is unfair. So one who will have full qualifying period will retire at 60 years, incomplete (from 15 to 25) - will receive a pension from 63 years, and the minimum - that is 15 years - will have the right for pension at 65 years", - the minister noted.

It is noted that a special social assistance is provided from the state at the age of 65 years for those who do not officially have a minimal length of service.