July, 13

Ex-deputy of the Rada went on tour to the Donbass to create Ukrainian movement

04/25/2017 05:22:23 pm
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The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 7-8 convocations Yehor Firsov announced the beginning of creation of the "Ukrainian movement in the Donbass". He wrote about this in his blog on OstroV.

"As I have promised, I start to unite all the patriots in the Donbass. We will start from the south of the Donetsk oblast and get to the north of the Luhansk one. I will be in Manhush tomorrow evening (25.04.17 – ed.) and we will work in Mariupol one more day. We are expected in Pokrovsk and Dobropillia on April 27-28. I will write more detailed plans and places of the meeting a little later. In addition to the main goal – to gather all who are ready to fight for the Ukrainian Donbass, we will also show our film "Kleptocracy. The power of thieves", - Y. Firsov wrote.

"The work on the creation of the Ukrainian movement in the Donbass begins!", - the ex-people's deputy announced, and urged his supporters to sign a resolution "For the fair punishment of collaborators!", which contains a list of officials implicated in separatism and the demand for President Poroshenko to punish them.