March, 3

The leader of the "DPR" gave a hint that militants finance the anti-Ukrainian underground in free territories

04/14/2017 01:11:03 pm
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The leader of the "DPR" made it clear that militants financially support the separatist movements in the free territory of Ukraine. This results from his answer to the question, allegedly received in the course of the so-called live phone-in with the residents of Ukraine.

"Why do not you call the patriots of the USSR in the Ukrainian territory to fight against the junta and do not provide them with financial assistance for this?", - Zakharchenko was allegedly asked.

The militant said in response that he regularly calls for preparing anti-government statements and creating a terrorist underground. "Resistance movement should be created in Ukraine, and it is being created, more slowly than we would like, but it is still being created", - he stated.

When asked about financial support of separatism in Ukraine, the leader of the DPR responded evasively: "As concerns financial assistance, sorry, it is confidential data".