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Thursday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights

03/17/2017 12:17:36 pm
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Media: "The head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko will tell about the reorientation of the economies of the People's Republics of Donbass to the Russian Federation on March 17 in Yalta at the meeting of the Integration Committee "Russia – Donbass".

"The head of the Migration Service of the MIA of the DPR" Vladimir Krasnoshcheka: "The Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued 54 thousand passports of the republican type for the entire period of the issue of passports – this is exactly one year".

"The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR": "A column of 20 cars of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia delivered 362 tons of baby food to the DPR today".

Media: "The Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR has launched a "hot line" for receiving applications on the issues of admission to the educational organizations of the Republic from residents from the controlled by Kyiv territory of the Donbass".

"Center for humanitarian program of reunification of the people of Donbass": "About 300 calls have been received on the hot lines of the humanitarian program Center of reunification of the people of Donbass over the last week, from 9 to 15 March. People of other oblasts of Ukraine continue to call requesting the possible extension of humanitarian program to their regions of residence, and are also actively interested in the possibility of moving to the DPP and gaining our citizenship".

Media: "2017th in succession certificate of birth was handed in Donetsk from the beginning of 2017".

Media: "Russian Alfa-Bank provided the owners of the LPR and DPR passports the opportunity to open a current account and a debit card in any of its branches. This was reported in the financial institution".

"The Ministry of Justice of the LPR": "Commercial real estate titles are subject to the compulsory registration until January 1, 2018 in the appropriate territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the LPR".

Media: "Import customs duty rates set in the Republic are much lower than acting in Ukraine. This was stated in the State Customs Committee of the LPR. "For example, Ukrainian entrepreneur has to pay more than 35% of the customs commodity cost in case of customs registration of sausage products, and the LPR entrepreneurs pay zero percent of the customs commodity cost", - was specified in the department".

Media: "A well-known pianist from Great Britain Peter Seivewright put today on a concert in the capital of the DPR. He played the works of famous Russian composers Nikolai Medtner and Modest Mussorgsky in the hall of ArtDonbass Art and Exhibition Center. "Days of staying in Donetsk have become for me the happiest. I am ready to come to you again and again, as soon as I receive an invitation", - Seivewright told journalists".

Media: "The eighth international festival Jazz Forum opened today in the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic. The People's Artist of Russia, famous jazz musician Alexei Kuznetsov featured at the opening. About 300 people gathered at the opening of the festival".