May, 26

Monday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights

03/07/2017 11:50:22 am
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"Leader of the LPR" Igor Plotnitsky: "Ukraine believes that we nationalized or "seized" its enterprises. In fact, this is not truth. Especially since we gave them time and opportunity, we never concealed this, but we did not boast about this either. And in order to start rebuilding the republic, it was necessary to decide how and with whom to work and to trade".

Media: "The process of transition of non-resident enterprises to external management requires weighted solutions, and therefore it will take some time. This was stated by the head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky. "I read some articles from both Russia and Ukraine. Everyone believes that it is up to one day to reconfigure industry. It is wrong to say that we will redirect everything in three days. This is a process, it has a beginning and an end. We cannot rush here, we approach this thoroughly", - said the head of the LPR".

"Ministry of Communications of the DPR": "After the termination of work of the Ukrainian mobile operator Lifecell in the territory of the DPR, the demand for Phoenix start packages has increased significantly. If at the beginning of 2017 the sales level reached about 400 numbers a day, now we sell them an average of 2800 a day".

"Ministry of Industry and Trade of the DPR": "Preparatory works to launch the state enterprise Khartsyzk Steel Wire and Cable Plant Silur are being done: 250 people are involved in revision and repair of the main equipment, cleaning of the territory. 100 of them are employees of the enterprise, the rest were involved by the employment center. Silur can start production at any moment, the necessary energy carriers are connected, the equipment is maintained in an efficient condition".

"Ministry of Agriculture of the DPR": "Thanks to favorable weather conditions, spring field works started in the DPR. Soil fertilization has already begun in all districts".

Media: "The Council of Youth and Children's Associations of Luhansk oblast held a historic quest game for the defense of the Soviet troops in the Arctic during the Great Patriotic War in the Luhansk Regional Museum. Six teams of schoolchildren and students from Luhansk and Pervomaisk took part in the game".

Media: "The Ministry of Education and Science of the LPR announced a competition for the position of rector of the Donbass State Technical University".

Media: "Russian actors who visited the DPR and LPR said they were not afraid of possible sanctions. Russian producer and actor Alexander Postnikov explained that he and his colleagues came to support the brotherly people of Donbass, while fully aware of the possible consequences and sanctions. "We traveled here with the main goal – to set a link between big Russia and new Russia, I would say so. To build and establish these spiritual ties. The main idea is to say that we are together and we are one people", - Postnikov said".

Media: "The DPR state enterprise Post of Donbass issued two greeting cards for the upcoming International Women's Day. The first one depicts mimosa, and the second one - tulips".