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Donetsk filter station is stopped because of the shelling, the staff is evacuated

02/24/2017 01:48:05 pm
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The Executive Board of Voda Donbassa company has decided to evacuate the staff and stop the Donetsk filter plant because of the shelling. This was stated on the enterprise's website.

It is noted that the Donetsk filter station is in the area of the powerful shelling for two days.

"Objects of the filter plant received significant damage during this period. Ammunition fell into the reservoir No 1, in chlorine warehouse – chlorine line and roof are damaged. Two impacts into clean water tanks are registered, shells fell near the administrative building and building with filters, in addition, shrapnel damaged building with filters and windows overlap (OSB plates), the roof of building with filters is damaged", - the employees of Voda Donbassa note.

People are almost always in the bomb shelter because of the shelling, so it is impossible to providethe work of the DFS.