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They went away and returned. Militants in Kominternovo are playing We are not there performance for the OSCE observers – journalist

12/24/2015 10:41:51 pm
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The militants left Kominternovo village before the arrival of OSCE observers and then returned. The journalist Andrei Tsaplienko wrote about this on his Facebook page with reference to the local residents.

"Fresh conversation with Kominternovo. Wonderful things are happening in the village. Today the OSCE observers came from Donetsk direction and shortly after Separ-TV arrived. The purpose of the visit is clear: to show that the village is not occupied by the "polite" and the DPR tells truth that it didn’t seize the village. One hundred armed men, meanwhile, left Kominternovo. But stayed close", - said the journalist.

According to him, the locals showed OSCE the direction in which militants went away.

"Those, of course, will write in the reports that they didn’t see armed people in the village. And today’s story of objective Donetsk broadcasters will confirm this. However, when those left, for whom the first act of the play was intended, the second act immediately started. At about 14:30 troops of the DPR+RF on armored vehicles returned and closed the checkpoint to Mariupol. Well, it’s good that the car with product managed to slip in meanwhile. The play entitled "We are not there" is going on", - wrote Tsaplienko.