May, 26

Tuesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights

02/08/2017 11:16:43 am
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"Operational Command of the DPR": "During the day, two soldiers of the DPR army were killed and one soldier was wounded".

"The leader of the DPR" Oleksandr Zakharchenko: "We hope that the Minsk negotiations will continue, and we will defend our borders and territory without fighting. As for now, the chances for that are 50 to 50".

Media: "The introduction of conscription in the DPR is not planned in the foreseeable future. The leader of the DPR Oleksandr Zakharchenko told the students. "The conscription is needed, but not now. We have the responsibility for the lives and will not take the young and untrained boys. This would be just cannon fodder", - Zakharchenko said, not excluding the possibility of introduction of conscription in the future. "There will be military service, and all men should serve. But it will be later. So far, only the volunteers,"- said Zakharchenko".

Media: "The largest regional pharmaceutical plant Stirol in Horlivka may open after two and a half years of inactivity because of the fighting. "Now we are preparing a plan for the Stirol launch”, - said Zakharchenko".

Media: "This year, the DPR coal mining enterprises plan to launch from 8 to 12 lava. This was stated by the leader of the DPR Oleksandr Zakharchenko at a meeting with students in Donetsk. "From 8 to 12 lavas are scheduled to launch in 2017", - he said. He also mentioned the intention of the authorities to launch the production of buses and open Yuzovsky Metallurgical Plant in the nearest future”.

Media: "The DPR physicists managed not only preserve the scientific potential during military operations, but also to continue research and build partnership with leading research centers. That is the conclusion reached at the conference in Donetsk Galkin Physico-Technical Institute. More than 100 people attended the conference, including Donetsk, Russian specialists, employees of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic and representatives of the local business".

Media: "The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova discussed the topical issues of foreign policy of the Republic and the employment prospects of young professionals at a meeting with students of the Faculty of History of Donetsk National University. "The horizons of government agencies and private enterprises, developing foreign trade activities with foreign partners are opened for the young professionals of the international orientation", - Nikonorova said".

"The Director General of the Krupskaya Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library" Ihor Gorbatov: "The delegation of the DPR librarians visited 11 major libraries of St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region on a working visit. As a result, agreements were reached to provide guidance to the DPR librarians from the Russian colleagues. Joint activities to introduce the advanced experience of the library are planned".

"Secretary of the LPR Central Election Commission" Danylo Goverdovskiy: "There are more than 1 million 100 thousand voters registered. At any moment, as soon as we get the decree to hold elections, and we will know the terms of their conduct, we are almost ready for them. We have people for the territorial election commissions, all the necessary materials and technical base, the regulatory framework. Everything is set up. The only question is the team".

"MIA of the DPR": "In the house of the resident of Donetsk’s Kyiv district the law enforcement officers seized more than 250 rounds of 7.62 mm, 37 rounds of 5.6 mm caliber, three RGD grenades, two F-1 grenades, three VOG grenades, three fuse assemblies, 19 rounds of 30 mm, 200 grams of plastic explosives, two sets of rounds to Stechkin automatic pistol, eight cans of gunpowder and a hunting rifle".