July, 21

Occupants in Donbass own up to serve in the army of the Russian Federation. So who are the parties to the conflict? - Hug

02/06/2017 06:15:57 pm
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The Deputy Chairman of the OSCE SMM Alexander Hug stated that he personally met the people in the Donbass, who claim that they are members of the units of the Russian army. He said this in an interview to Ukrainska Pravda.

"Indeed, you can read in our reports about some cases when we registered the people who wore the Russian symbols. And our observers, including me, have met the people who claim that they are members of the Russian Federation units. I emphasize that these people claimed by themselves that they are a part of these units," - he said.

Hug noted that conclusions should be made by the parties to the conflict.

"As well as it is done by representatives of the government in Kiev, Moscow, Bern, for example... the SMM is not authorized to determine the parties to the conflict", - he said.

As previously reported, Hug stated that both parties to the conflict in Donbass use settlements to attach the armed positions.