September, 28

Russian Counsellor of the leader of the "DPR" avowed that it is Russia that brought the "Russian Spring" to the Donbass

01/24/2017 01:13:07 pm
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Alexander Kazakov, the Russian Counsellor on image of the leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko, admitted that it is Russia that brought the "Russian Spring" to the Donbass. He stated this in an interview to the Latvian Russian-language title Vesti.

"Russia replied with the Russian Spring to Kiev Maidan" – the Counsellor stated, clearly implying that the conflict in the Donbass is not internal.

Kazakov also confirmed that the Russians continue to give "councils" on the occupied territories management. "There are Russians even among the counsellors", - he said.

According to the image maker of the leader of the "DPR", there is a staff scarcity in the "republic", so a training of students is carried out in an urgent order. "But it is clear with all the efforts that the putting of young people into management needs some time. And I believe that the volunteers from Russia are needed here for this time", - he explained.