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Ukraine will not give up on the EU and NATO, and does not trade the Crimea. The Administration of Poroshenko responded to Pinchuk

01/05/2017 01:56:14 pm
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The American Wall Street Journal published the official response to the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for the scandalous story of billionaire Victor Pinchuk, in which he offered Ukraine to give Russia in the issue of Crimea and aspiration for membership in the EU and NATO for the sake of resolving the conflict in the Donbass. The column signed by the deputy head of the presidential administration Kostiantyn Yelisieiev is published on the WSJ website, - Yevropeyska pravda says.

The position of the Presidential Administration is published under the title "Respect for Ukraine is extremely important in order to achieve stable peace". Yelisieiev categorically denies the possibility of a compromise on the key points proposed by Pinchuk.

"I cannot agree with his call for a compromise, which is based on the fears. Fear and weakness are bad advisers. They only warm up the appetites of Russia", - Yelisieiev stated.

Three key positions of Ukraine are listed in the article.

"No to a reversal of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. It would be a surrender of the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine", - stressed in the Presidential Administration.

"No to the Ukrainian territory trade, whether it is the Donbass or the Crimea. These territories cannot be traded for peace", - Yelisieiev writes in response to the proposal of Pinchuk.

"No to the Donbass election, while the Russian (military) boots remain on Ukrainian soil", - he added. According to the Presidential Administration, the "agreements on the terms of Russia is the wrong policy".

It was reported that Viktor Pinchuk published an article with appeals to Ukraine in the Wall Street Journal on the eve of the New Year that caused animated discussion. Yevropeyska Pravda published a column on Wednesday in which called the official Kiev to respond to these appeals declaring a clear rejection of the ideas proposed by Pinchuk.