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Russian analyst suggests dividing Ukraine and "eliminating" millions of Ukrainians

12/28/2016 01:28:14 pm
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Russian analyst, the former Russian presidential administration official Mikhail Khazin, offers two options for the further existence of the Ukrainian state: the elimination of millions of Ukrainians who are disloyal to Russia or the dividing of Ukraine. He said this when commenting on the alleged plans of Donald Trump to hand over Ukraine to the Russia’s sphere of influence, – the "Gordon" reports.

According to him, Russia can use different scenarios with regard to Ukraine.

"Then it all depends on what we want. We want to keep Ukraine integral, but loyal to Russia. Thus, it is necessary to return the Donbass with the change of leadership in Kyiv... Then begins the counter-propaganda. The population is not really happy there. Yes, there a few million people, who can not be improved. They should be partially eliminated and thrusted out", – he said.

The second option, according to Khazin, is a division of Ukraine.

"It should be as follows. Novorossiya should consist of the entire territory from Kharkiv to Odessa region, including Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, etc. Novorossiya should enter Russia under total denazification, deukrainization, with a full ban of usage of Ukrainian language, Ukrainian media, teaching in Ukrainian. Kyiv and the northern part of Ukraine from Kyiv to Sumy, Chernihiv, and so on should become an agricultural state", – he stated.

Mikhail Khazin believes that Kyiv should be deprived of military and industry.

"Yes, in this case there will be a surplus population. They should move to the Far East. But the Western part... Four or five regions should be given to Poland. That is, all “people of Bandera” need to be thrusted out to the Poles. In fact, according to the division of the world, Poland is also our part. We need to ensure the loyalty of Poland and to engage it in something", – Khazin said.

August 31, 2015 the Security Service of Ukraine reported that Khazin was banned from entering the territory of Ukraine.

In 1997-1998 he was deputy head of the economic department of the president of Russia. Khazin is a valid state adviser of the Russian Federation, now retired. He is a member of the "Economics and Ethics" Expert Council of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia and a member of the Public Council of the Federal Tariff Service.