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The "Donetsk People's Republic" searches homes of the police officers who had left the occupied territory - Abroskin

12/21/2016 04:52:18 pm
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Massive raids on apartments and houses of the police officers, who were forced to leave the occupied territory and questionings of their close relatives, are conducted from Tuesday in the so-called "DPR". Vyacheslav Abroskin, the head of National Police’s department in Donetsk region wrote on his Facebook page about that.

He noted that the leader of the "DPR" issued a "decree" "On approval of the registration of displaced persons on the territory of the DPR", according to which the authorities of the quasi-state should keep records of the displaced. Also, before December 20, 2016 its "security and police service" should gather all the information regarding employees of National Police of the Donetsk region, which remained loyal to Ukraine and data on pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"In this regard, until yesterday the searches were massively carried out in the apartments and households of the police officers, who were forced to leave the occupied territory, their relatives were interrogated. They are creating a card file of the "enemies of the superstate", - Abroskin wrote.

"The above stated “leader” and traitors in uniform overstepped the mark, humiliated and insulted the relatives of our employees. For them, it can come back like a boomerang. The time of the payback will come and no amnesty will save them, "- said the chief of the Donetsk region police.