July, 21

Petro Poroshenko declared $ 27 million. He keeps everything in banks and advises other people to do so

10/31/2016 01:01:28 pm
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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared 40 478 hryvnia, 26 324870 dollars, 14 372 euros in Ukrainian banks. It is according to the Unified State Register of declarations of persons authorized to execute functions of the state or local government.

He wrote on his Facebook that he kept all funds in the banking sector and paid taxes to the penny of all his savings. He advises other politicians to do so.

The Presidents has also cash. Petro Poroshenko declared 60 thousand dollars and 900 thousand hryvnia in cash...

The President owns a house in Kozin of ​​1.33 sq. m., five plots of land, apartments in Kiev and Vinnitsa of ​​134.06 sq. m., 82.15 sq. m. and 68.2 sq. m.

The President also declared ownership rights in more than 100 companies in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Spain, Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands and the Netherlands, and income - salary in the amount of 121 054 hryvnia, interest in the amount of 12 375 404 and investment income in the amount of 59 298 642 hryvnia.

In addition, he has a collection of 84 paintings and 7 sculptures.