March, 3

Tuesday events on the occupied territories of Donbass

10/19/2016 01:05:57 pm
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"Head of the delegation of the DPR in Minsk" Denis Pushilin: "We  need to discuss next points of withdrawal, but Ukraine has not fulfilled the previous ones. Moreover, Kiev threatens to return forces and equipment to the position where from there were withdrawn. It is unacceptable."

"Chairman of the Supreme Council of the DPR" Eduard Yakubovsky: "Accusations of corruption activities have been charged to no judge of the Donetsk People's Republic for all the time of its existence."

Media: "The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the DPR presented employment record book of the republican sample today. Residents of the DPR can already buy employment record books, the first seven thousand copies are already for sale. Employment record books of the republican sample will not be a mandatory attribute of employment of citizens. Similar document of the Ukrainian sample remains legal in the DPR."

Media: "Public utilities of the DPR have repaired about 12,500 street lights and almost 470 kilometers of electrical networks since the beginning of this year."

Media: "Employees of the Voda Donbassa Company began restoration of the reserved pipeline of Seversky Donets – Donbass channel near the village of Mayorsk in Gorlovka today, the water pipeline was damaged during the fighting. The damaged area of the water line of 2100 mm in diameter is planned to be restored in the near future."

Media: "The Supreme Court of the DPR sentenced three persons who had been recruited by Ukraine and acted in its interests, in particular, one of them is a soldier of the DPR. The convicts were sentenced under Article 321 of the Criminal Code of the DPR "Espionage" to 13, 15 and 18 years in prison."

Media: "In the LPR repair units plan to complete the reconstruction of the damaged main Internet cable in the morning on October 19th. The Ministry of Communications previously reported on failures in providing Internet services due to damaged cable in Krasnodon district."

Media: "The General Prosecutor's Office of the LPR decided to confiscate shoes for more than 522 thousand rubles from the LPR citizen who imported them to the republic through smuggling."