June, 25

"Mayor" of Donetsk supports the idea of confiscating property from forced migrants - "enemies of the people" (Video)

10/18/2016 04:10:43 pm
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The so-called "head of Donetsk administration" Igor Martynov stands for the confiscation of property from the "enemies of the people" forced to become displaced. He stated that in an interview with the Oplot separatist television channel when asked about the possibility of property confiscation from forced migrants and its transfer to citizens who have lost their housing due to the hostilities.

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"There are people who cause us damage, our enemies. It is necessary to approach the issue clearly (define - OstroV) who our real enemy is, stipulate legally. If it is an enemy of the people, then everything should be confiscated from that person: movable, immovable property and then it belongs to the people,"- said Martynov.

Earlier Martynov warned residents who left about the possibility of confiscation of their property as compensation for unpaid utility services.