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On Monday evening there was an explosion at the bus stop in the center of Donetsk

12/22/2015 10:59:22 am
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The device exploded in the evening on December 21st at the stop in the area of the Donetsk metallurgical plant. It was reported by the DAN separatist agency with reference to the so-called "Ministry of Internal Affairs" of the "DPR".

"Today, on December 21st at around 19:20 (18:20 Moscow time - Ed.) in the area of the DMP near the residential area bomb exploded at a bus stop. The investigative team and explosives specialists came immediately to the accident site", - said the statement.

At the moment the circumstances of the incident are being determined, data on possible victims are being specified.

"The law enforcement officers have reason to believe that the explosion is the result of work of subversive groups. The country urgently introduced a plan called "Interception". The personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have the aim to catch lawbreakers",- said the separatists.

In connection with the incident, "MIA" of the "DPR" urged citizens to "exercise the utmost vigilance and immediately report on any suspicious findings to the police or "MES".