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Wednesday events on the occupied territories of Donbass

09/08/2016 12:35:16 pm
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Media: "Ukraine refused to discuss the law on amnesty at the meeting of the political sub-group in Minsk. The press-secretary of the head of the DPR delegation in the peace negotiations Denis Pushilin Victoria Talakina reported about that today. "The refusal of the Ukrainian side to discuss the amnesty law and sluggish discussion of the "road map" and regulation are quite worrying," – said the "press secretary".

The leader of the "LPR" Igor Plotnitsky: "On September 3rd we celebrated the Day of Liberation of Luhansk region from the previous Nazi invaders. On September 8th we’ll together celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Donbass. As the dates are close to each other, it shows: when the forces of evil are eroded and depleted and good deeds are well prepared - justice comes swiftly and inexorably. Congratulations, dear brothers, dear citizens of the DPR! And those who come to us like the Nazis in 1941 should go back immediately till it is not too late"!

Media: "Head of the "DPR" delegation in Minsk Denis Pushilin spoke about the upcoming primaries-2016 at the meeting of members of the Contact Group. It was reported today by his spokeswoman Victoria Talakina. "The DPR envoy Denis Pushilin said the Contact Group explained the essence of the primaries that caused a lot of questions from the Ukrainian side," - said the spokesman. According to her, the head of the delegation noted that early voting was based on international law, and "gives the right to every citizen to stand for election and to be elected."

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR": "Celebrations to commemorate the Day of Liberation of Donbass were held on the Memorial Saur-Mogyla on September 7th. There was no gross violation of public order and high-profile crimes committed. More than 8,000 citizens attended the celebration."

"The deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR" Eduard Basurin: "Our Intelligence continues to record the activation of subversive activities of special forces of the AFU. When trying to enter the territory of the DPR on the contact line, troops of the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center were undermined on their own mine in the area of ​​Marinka."

Media: The Law of the "DPR" "On theater and theatrical business" came into force today. Previously, the developer of the document "Chairman of the PC Committee on Education, Science and Culture" Miroslav Rudenko reported that "the law provides that theaters do not have to coordinate their activities." Along with this, according to the "deputy", productions and performances aimed at inciting national and religious hatred and extremist propaganda are banned.