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Leader of the "DPR" Zakharchenko admitted that he was ready to pray for large bloody war to start in Donbass (Video)

09/02/2016 03:42:26 pm
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The leader of the self-proclaimed "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko said that he dreamt of the beginning of serious fighting in Donbass this autumn. He said this in an interview with the separatist media.

"As just a person but not as a head of the state, I do not know what saint to pray for it (full-scale war - OstroV) to start soon. Well, I understand that it will be hard, what difficulties we will have to experience all together, but believe me, it is much less than what we are experiencing now," - said Zakharchenko.

At the same time, he said that nothing could be "better" than the war, which, in his opinion, would bring residents of the occupied territories new "dreams and plans".

"Even if it will be (autumn - Ed.) even not calm but full with actions, that actually might be better. Why? Because the expectation is worse than beginning of the actions. I can say this with complete confidence appealing to all our residents: if it starts in the autumn or even winter, it will be the last autumn and winter for the state called Ukraine. We will celebrate 2017, if it starts, with very different plans and very different dreams and aspirations than we celebrated 2016,"  - said the leader of the militants.