May, 26

Wednesday results on the occupied territories of Donbass

08/11/2016 11:02:03 am
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Media: "The first deputy head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission Alexander Hug arrived in Donetsk on Thursday, August 11th. He plans to visit Yasinovataya area of the Donetsk Filter Plant."

Media: "Electricity in Staromykhaylovka village on the western outskirts of Donetsk was broken after a night of shelling."

Media: "In the LPR the number of officially registered temporary migrants who have lost their homes as a result of fighting in the country is 1848 people."

Media: "Trade Unions federation of the DPR and State Labour Inspectorate decided to establish Institute of Arbitrators for pre-trial settlement of labour disputes in enterprises."

"Ministry of Transport" of the "DPR": "The authorities of the republic issued about 100 licenses for domestic and international passenger transportation in July this year."

"Center of Hydrometeorology" of the "LPR": "The level of harmful impurities in the atmosphere will increase on the territory of the republic in August due to the high temperatures and lack of precipitation."

Media: "In the LPR a group of 50 children aged from 7 to 16 years from Luhansk, Perevalsk and Lutugin districts went for rest and recuperation to Berezka camp in the Republic of Kalmykia".

"Acting Director of Luhansknefteprodukt SE Oleg Michurin": "We plan to provide petrol stations of the LPR with gasoline by August 11th. There is fuel, there was just two-three-day delivery delay. Someone started a rumour about the upcoming unreasonable shortage, people panicked, all went to get full tanks and canisters of fuel and bought fuel reserve for a few days just for half of Monday."