March, 3

FSS said that the Ukrainian military under the cover of armoured vehicles massive fire tried to penetrate the Crimea

08/10/2016 09:12:47 pm
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The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation said that Ukraine tried to penetrate the Crimea using armoured vehicles and under the cover of massive shelling. It is stated by the statement on the ministry's official website.

"At night on August 8th, 2016 special units of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine made two more attempts for subversive and terrorist groups to penetrate but they were prevented by law enforcement units of the FSS of Russia and cooperating agencies. Attempts to penetrate were covered by massive shellfire from the neighbouring state and armoured vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," - says the report.

It is reported that an officer of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation was killed during the fire contact.