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"Dad was too nervous ..." Donetsk resident died in the queue for renewal of his pension in Zaporozhye

08/10/2016 05:15:43 pm
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Donetsk pensioner Valeriy Bodenchuka was buried on Wednesday, he died in the queue for renewal of pensions in the Department of Social Protection of the Population in Zaporozhye.

Valeriy Bodenchuk’s son Alexey told Informator.media that he had persuaded his father to come from occupied Donetsk to Zaporozhye to register there as a forced migrant and get a pension which he had stopped to receive in March this year.

According to his son, they came to the Department of Social Protection in the morning on August 8th. The father went to the office on his own and his son waited in the car. An hour later he started to worry and later was informed by telephone that his father had died.

Medical experts tried to revive the man, who suddenly fell ill, but all their attempts were in vain - the pensioner died right there on the spot, literally in the queue to the person who was supposed to appoint a payment.

"I have no claims to the doctors. They did what they could, they could not save him. They said heart problems. I already know that dad's heart finally could not stand it. He was too nervous since the beginning of the war," - said Alexey.

"My dad was too nervous, terribly worried because of all this ... He was nervous before the travel and at the checkpoint, and already here, at my house. He was afraid of being hurt or simply thrown out, because he knew how many pensioners were deprived of benefits and pensions ... He thought about what to expect on August 1st when single all-Ukrainian electronic database of displaced persons data had to start to operate, what other "innovations" our ministry would come up with, "- he said.